Barbara J Carter

Barbara J Carter - Contact Information

Location: Van Nuys (Los Angeles) California, United States
Phone: +1 818-689-3835 (US, Pacific Time)
Facebook: Barbara J Carter


Brief email updates let you know about Barbara Carter's upcoming shows. Only a couple emails per year (see below). Include a postal address for postcards. (1-2 per year.)

Email Format

When I say a couple emails per year, I mean it. Frankly, I'm pretty lazy about sending out emails. I hate getting spammy emails every week, or worse, every few days. That's so pushy! I don't need that, and I know you don't either. Anyway, what am I going to say? "Hey, uh, I'm still painting!" Wow, stop the presses. Of course I'm painting, it's what I do. And my paintings take a long time to make, so it's not like I'm churning out hundreds of the things and you need to see a catalog every week. Once in a while I have a show where you can come see my new paintings. About a couple times a year, in fact. Which is about when I send out my emails. So you should totally sign up for my emails because they're the least spammy email list you'll ever be on. Oh, and I really do recommend getting in on my postcard deal too. I basically send them out at the same time, but they're really nice and you can stick them on the fridge. Try doing that with an email.

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